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Friends only [17 Feb 2006|02:16pm]
This Live Journal is now friends only. I've deleted people I don't talk to and deleted people that I haven't got a clue who you are. If you want to be added, leave a comment and tell me who you are.
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[29 Mar 2005|07:18pm]
I've found lots of tutorials on how to use liquid and foam latex to create noses and stuff....its the double chins I probably need more help with -_-

I'm thinking of making Brahne's arms and main body suit out of foam or something and painting the arms to match her skin colour and whatever.
But my fingers....what to do? A glove?

hmmmm...this is gonna be an expensive project methinks.

EDIT: Oh yeah, um...I'm in yeovil again visiting mother dearest. Lots of smoking and drinking. OOPS! did I say smoking? I meant...they were.

Anyways, I've been thinking lots about my life.
I'm 19, in a bit of shitty relationship, have a shit flat, don't hardly talk to my father any more, my mother lives miles away, I have no career, no real education.....its a wonder I'm not giving birth to my 4th Chav 'we dunno who dad is' child, being a single mum living on benefits.

Meh...I need to get out of Newbury...I do hate it...but its my life. My mates are here, my boyfriend is here, my dad and siblings are here...

I'm not getting at all depressed about it you understand. I gave up getting depressed on life a long time ago. Life doesnt go the way you want it to. It doesnt for anyone so shut up and stop crying about it.

Tis all ^_^;
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[27 Mar 2005|09:07pm]
who txt me at stupid o'clock in the morning to tell me they lived in yeovil? I'd really like to play with their ass for waking me up :p

Also also also...been thinking of aya costumes.
FF9 is sounding good. Kuja? Ruby? Queen Brahne.....
Need to make a fat suit and stuff. Will be hard and expensive.


Stuart is cross playing round town tonight. As you do. He looks like a faggot. HA! Actually...I made him look like a ganguro girl. He has white hair, gold lippy, short skirt, a thong, heavy eye make-up...etc.
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[26 Mar 2005|03:58pm]

try: http://free.hostultra.com/~garnetto/UKMASQUERADE/test.php then go to tutorials >>> Make-up >>>> nice 'n simple.

tis...um...a sneaky peak of ukmasquerade.com. Need host......

whatcha think?

p.s sorry bout the pop ups

pps ALSO! Visit my cousin's art site....she is God. http://www.subterranika.com/
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[21 Mar 2005|12:53pm]
am in Yeovil with my mommy. Me and Stuart had another break up. Its getting boring now.
Been here for days. Hes been out on the piss friday Saturday AND Sunday and is in a foul mood and phoning me up shouting and swearing at me...as he does ¬_¬

He phoned me this morning and was all "awww when you coming back? Somethings I said were out of order but its your fault to" and stuff.

Meh...what an arse. Why do I put up with it? I know I love him and stuff but he really can be stupid.

Thing is...hes had a really shitty past, and I mean this when I say my problems and a lot of other peoples problems I've read are FUCK ALL to what hes had to go through since the age of 13. Poor dude...he really just needs someone to love him, but he aint gonna get that if he keeps being an arse.

meh. Stupid.
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[17 Mar 2005|04:00pm]
ok, so I have psmx whats it...the program that plays FMVS and lets you save them to .avi format n stuff.
I was taking screencaps of Rinoa when I found my FFVIII preview disc I stole off a friend years ago.
It has two FMVs, one of the dance scene but made to look all old, and the other is the opening scene, but very different (same music but a few scenes are differen)
Shoved it in my comp and put it on and WHAT DID I FIND?????
A THIRD FMV that you can see on the Ps2!!!!
Its entitled Escape from Dollet, and its basically a preview...but WAIT!!! THERES SOME FMV FOOTAGE I'VE NEVER SEEN ROUND THE WEB BEFORE!!!!!! OR RINOA!!
Now...the FMV is you running away from the spider thing, Selphie is replaced by Rinoa and Quistis by a dollet soldier, and Squall is in his normal gear.

Theres a picture of Rinoa floating round the web that looks like this: http://rinoa.nu/rinoa/misc/rinoa-demo.jpg

but theres like...this bit where shes running on the beach with Zell...and I've never seen this bit before.

ANYWAY! I was well excited finding this hidden FMV....coz I am great and I am the real Rinoa.

I also found some perfect rib knit fabric online....so yeah....fuck you all I am Rinoa and I am cool and stuff.

Aya costumes:

Rinoa Version 2

....and I dunno who else ;_;

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[16 Mar 2005|09:02am]
RAWR! Minami was great. Lubey is a butcher and Wings and Shinji are French.
Arrived on Saturday and got all lost and just annoyed the living shit out of Perrin and Sash in the dealers room. Found Polly in her room getting all dead and stuff. Found out about whos going out with who and who isnt. Cor lummy twas a shock! Abused Lubey for a bit, then found Tak and Ami and watched their awsesome J-music stuff...even though they had technical problems.
Hung round people and drunk. Pesci is crazy. I <3 ickle Stuart (even though hes older than me) Bam and his friend are also crazy.
Wings is sexy. Shinji needs a cock up his ass. Still.
Masquerade full of children. Dogtanian cosplay owned everyone.
Sake made my head hurt. Baggy is crazy and cute and I want her children.
Drinkage. Went to bed early.
Got woken by Sarah screaming "ARGH!LET ME IN!" like a mong at the door XD
Woke up in morning and me and Tak stumbled upon the orgy room aka Shinji and P-chan's room.
Stank of rape, cock and cum.
They all looked like shit...apart from Rob who...still looked like shit but was in his boxers so that made it ok.
Still fancy the arse off of him by the way.
Went to the cosplay cafe and harrassed Mei. Shes hot. She also needs a cock up her arse.
Left and got lost in Southampton.

That was Minami and it was fun xxx
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[30 Jan 2005|06:07am]
Anyone....feel free to pay for me to go to Minami XD

"Your reference code is 424"

42 quid is a lot when your enemployed.........

ANYWAYS! Um...not too much has been happening. Been to interviews. Been turned down. UK Masquerade is looking sexy. Will be online in March. Ish.
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[29 Jan 2005|03:20pm]
I'm all unemployed and stuff now ;_;
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[20 Jan 2005|11:43am]
HURRAH!!! http://www.minamicon.org.uk/members.html

Looks like Garnetto's 'a coming to Minamicon! HUZZAH!
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[17 Jan 2005|06:41am]
Happy Birthday me!
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[11 Jan 2005|07:46pm]
Future cosplays:

Fook mi/yu + Autin Powers - For me and Stu. Maybe Valentines day, or maybe our anniversary.
Garnet - Found perfect fabric. Gonna make a proper corset to go with it to. No catsuit for me!
Rinoa V2 - FOUND SOME RIBKNIT FABRIC!!! Its white....so imma gonna dye it.
Rinoa fanart version - ITS SEXY! And its Rinoa...I R TEH R34L RINOA!
Harle - Omg....I WILL finish this costume one day. Its so nearly finished....
Kuja - I <3 Kuja. One day....future con
Shiva - ARGH! Found a tutorial on how to use wool for hair extntions. So...yeah.
Yunalesca - Bodystocking. When and if I loose enough weight.

...um...thats all I can think of now...

hmmm....mostly Final Fantasy....I don't really watch anime any more...and FF is the love of my life. I know some people think its daft wearing FF costumes to ANIME cons...but FAH to them. A con would not be complete without final fantasy costumes....
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[11 Jan 2005|04:03pm]

Teh best site in the world xxxx

...apart from eunich.org OF COURSE!

EDIT: Is now the rpoud owner of UkMasquerade.com

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[09 Jan 2005|09:18am]
Thank you all. I really mean it. Your kind words have made me smmiiillleee. Thats another thing I regretted when I moved out. I lost contact with most of you guys. I still all love you and miss you dearly, but ya know what they say: True friends are always there for you, as you all are. *sniff*

Me and Stu have talked, we're not breaking up, just going back to how it was before when we first got together. It was nice then. He wasnt such an arse. I'm still moving back home, twill be in the next few weeks n stuff. Stu is having his mate move into the spare room, so at least that way the rent money wont be quite as bad. God such a drama. ARGH!
My birf-day soon.

My cosplay website is coming along great! Dunno what to call it though....

Its got step by step make-up tutorials and stuffs. Tis cool. I <3 it.

K love you bye!
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[07 Jan 2005|11:37am]
Tis too much now. I think I'll be moving back home. I'm sick of him taking it out on me, blaming me for our troubles. perhaps if he didnt go out on the piss every night...
No. I'm not gonna sink to his level and blame it on one soul person. Fuck it. I had life.
Shame I have no room to come back to. My dad's missus and her daughter have moved in, so I'll be sleeping on the sofa for a looonnggg time.
I guess I rushed it...
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[05 Jan 2005|07:14am]
Hi! Hope you all had a spiffing Xmas and new year. Thank you Polly for your drunken message of love.

Am selling stuff on ebay:
This Star Trek thing
and this one to

Also am selling a rainbow bright VHS


Hayao Miyazaki.

Make me an offer I can't refuse!

Am also selling my used, not washed knickers for you sick psycho stalkers out there! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

...incase you're wondering "Why sell these stupid things?" the answer is simple: I AM POOR!! MY HOURS HAVE BEEN CUT DOWN! STAURT BOUGHT A VAN FOR £2000 NOW WE HAVE NO MOOONNEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!"

All donation to the Teagan Charity are welcome. Thank you!

EDIT: Anyone fancy hosting a forum for me to? I'll pay you!.....in kindness of course....not money, seeing as I have none ^^!
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[25 Dec 2004|04:44am]
Happy Christmas to everyone! (I'm still alive btw!)
Thank you for your txts! Sorry, I have no credit to txt back, >.
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[30 Nov 2004|08:55am]
Hello! Still alive. Still not God. New job is fun though! Nice boss this time...one doesnt want to try and bed me/comment on my boobies/be an arse when I slip up and crack my head in cellar.
At this moment, I am prining 100 new years eve tickets for new place of work. They look funky. I deserve more money. My talents are wasted...
Stuart bought me a pretty chocolate brown suade jacket yesterday! Huzzah! Was happy, till I was crouching on the floor at CDs in WHSMITHS and he pushed me over. I made this "WAGH!!!" noise as I fell upon my arse, legs in the air, shopping bags all over the place. It was like in a cartoon, everyone went quiet and looked at me, mouths open in horror at the heap on the floor.
Wanker. I got him back by pushing him into some cheap wine glasses. He had to explain how his girlfriend (who had run away) pushed him and he shouldnt have to pay 5.99 for one glass when it costs that much for a set.
Fun times..........


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[07 Nov 2004|09:12am]
Hello Kids! Its me again!
Lots has been happening. I'm very poor at the moment due to a week and three days off work. Why?

Lemme tell ya the story.
Bescially, I was in the celler, and the lightbulb has gone (its been gone for....months!) so, I was stumbling round in the dark, and next thing I know I'm on my back, with a banging headache and wet clothes. Yes...the celler had only bloody flooded over night and I slipped, tits up, and smacked my head on something. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO no one took me to hospital. I had to work til bloody 4 o'clock with wet knickers and a big big bruise on my left temple. In a few days it was a massive black eye. Everyone kept asking me if Stuart had hit me O_o
My boss was getting shitty and phoned me up complaining coz of me, he couldnt have his two days off blah blah blah. Told him where to go. Gotta do my weeks notice tomorrow.
Got offered another job in another, nicer pub. I hate working in pubs, but I need something till Xmas has been and gone. Oh and my Birthday (PENCIL IT DOWN! 17TH JANUARY = TEAGS' 19TH!) Methinks a meet of some sort? *begs*

I had a dream about Caryn, Ni, Sarah and Donna. That time at Minami when we watched the last ever Sex and the city. Twas wierd....we were like...drunk and licking ice cream off each others foreheads O_o

We have a hole in our wall ^^;
Stu sort of put his hand through it....stupid. Hes gonna plaster it again but we need to find the exact same paint or bye bye £700 deposit.
Am thinking of going back to College in Febuary. Theres a course on then. Web design, evening classes. Should be fun?

Cosplay Con sort of was on halt. No one seemed to wanna help. I believe the previous date planned has already been booked up in the hotel. So...I was thinking, there are plenty of cons in Summer, but what about Winter? Then again, outdoor photo opportunitys in winter is probably a no no...

Anyway, has anyone changed their mobile numbers? I wanna send some raunchy txts to some peoples, and some Happy Xmas & new year blah blah txts to some others.

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hi! [24 Oct 2004|04:44pm]
*is still alive*

Want to come to Minami ;_;

Can I crash in someones room? *begs*

Um...stuff. Need new job. Boss is an idiot. Scares me. Wasting my talents. Scary drunks on Saturday night. WA!
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